UV Radiation and Skin Damage

UV radiation can be categorized according to its physiological effect on the skin, and the depth of skin penetration.

  • UVAI (340-400nm) can cause tanning, has minimal erythemal effect, penetrates deeply and can cause long-term damage  
  • UVAII (320-340nm) has a slight erythemal effect
  • UVB (290-320nm) causes sunburn, and contributes significantly to skin cancer development
  • UVC (200-290nm) is very energetic radiation which is absorbed by the ozone layer

In simple terms, solar radiation penetrates the skin and can cause sunburn, long-term skin damage, and skin cancer.

The Protective Effects of Nidaria Sunscreen

The Nidaria R&D team has developed a range of topical sunscreens which prevent or reduce the penetration of UV radiation into the skin.

The Nidaria product line includes a range of sunscreens to provide low protection for daily use under moderate sun, up to ultra protection from UVA/UVB during extreme sports, skiing and mountaineering, or on vacation on tropical beaches. All our products have been clinically tested in accordance with FDA, EU and Japanese regulations.

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