Nidaria Technology Ltd established to develop products to protect beachgoers against sun and jellyfish hazards.


Patent application for world’s first lotion formula providing dual protection from solar radiation and jellyfish stings.


Development of the first Nidaria Dual Protection product, protecting against jellyfish stings and sunburn.


After clinical tests, a leading Mediterranean medical center approves Nidaria’s Dual Protection sunscreen.


Safe-Sea® launched in the US and Israel as the world’s only sunscreen providing protection against sunburn and jellyfish stings.


Safe-Sea® launched in Japan; further sunscreen products developed with SPFs from 15 to 50+.


US Navy funds global trials of Nidaria sunscreen and Dual Protection products. Safe-Sea® approved in trials at Stanford University Hospital CA, Japan, and Florida.


Collaboration with multinational companies introduces Nidaria sunscreen under leading brand name in Spain. Nidaria product line expands to 8 sunscreens with different SPF and UVA protection levels.


Development of technical / sport sunscreen for military use and extreme mountaineering conditions.


First oceanic clinical field trial, under FDA inspection, approves Nidaria sun protection products.


Own-brand ISDIN product line launched in leading stores throughout Spain.


Partnerships with leading brands SSL International PLC, Sauber and Mister Baby. Development of the first sunscreen spray without parabens and oxybenzone (W/O Sunscreen Spray). Nidaria annual production capacity exceeds 100 tonnes of sunscreen.


Product line now includes over 30 different sunscreens meeting the latest regulatory requirements of the EU, US and Japan. Nidaria products sold in 15 countries around the globe.


Together with leading cosmetic company Antonio Puig, Nidaria products enter the EU mass market under the DENENES Brand. In Spain sales of Fotoprotector Medusas take 2.5% of the sunscreen market. At a Press Conference in Mallorca to promote sun and jellyfish protection, World Champion kitesurfer Gisela Pulido, protected by Safe-Sea® lotion, swims with jellyfish in an aquarium.


Médusyl, the French brand of sun and jellyfish sting protection, was acquired by the well-known company Quies. Oceanline Thailand established to market Safe-Sea® in Thailand.


Nidaria launches sun and jellyfish sting protection under the brand Apoliva with Apoteket AB, the Swedish pharmaceutical company. 


Safe-Sea® launches in the Philippines, and protects the team of Night Train Swimmers attempting to swim from San Francisco to Santa Barbara.


Leading pharma company Genomma Lab launches Nidaria lotion under the brand Solage by Cicatricure. Using Safe-Sea® the Night Train Swimmers complete a heroic swim from Santa Barbara to San Diego, a world record. The organization Life Saving Korea starts to promote Safe-Sea® in South Korea.


Disney recommends Safe-Sea®  sun protection for its cruises. Safe-Sea® protects swimmers on the 380 km Cyprus to Israel world record open water relay.


Safe-Sea® launches in Spanish pharmacies. Sales of Safe-Sea® on Amazon triple in one season. Safe-Sea® launches in Singapore.

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