Nidaria products are the only products in the world that have been tested and proven to provide effective protection against all types of jellyfish stings.

All our clinical trials have been conducted by leading medical centers under FDA Internal Review Board or Helsinki Committee approval.

  • ·         In Stanford University Hospital, CA, products were tested to confirm protection against Sea Nettle (Chrysaora) stings
  • ·         In BFMC (Bert Fish Medical Center), Florida, products were tested to confirm protection against Atlantic Box Jellyfish (Chiropsalmus) stings
  • ·         In Rambam Hospital, Israel, products were tested to confirm protection against Mediterranean Rhopilema stings
  • ·         Other tests conducted by an independent Japanese team confirm that Safe-Sea® provides protection against Blue Bottle, Sea Wasp and Box Jellyfish
  • ·         The University of Nuremberg, Germany confirmed product protection levels against Swimmer’s Itch (cercarial dermatitis)
  • ·         The University of Minnesota tested the Nidaria product in an ocean field trial

These tests confirm that our products are effective in neutralizing even the world’s most dangerous jellyfish.

SPF, water resistance, dermatology and UVA/UVB tests are being conducted at:

  • ·         Dermatest Pty Ltd, Australia, under the supervision of Dr John Staton
  • ·         Institute of Skin Research, Israel, under the supervision of Professor Sarah Brenner
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