Innovation and Patents

As a biotechnology company, Nidaria Technology is a world leader in the development of the most sophisticated sun protection for our customers. Our R&D center is located at our corporate headquarters, so that our research professionals can participate in high-level company decisions. Staying up-to-date with the global sunscreen market and regulatory requirements, Nidaria continues to lead the market with the development of new specialist products, to suit the needs of particular user groups on different continents. The constant dialogue between Nidaria’s R&D Department and manufacturing team ensures the production of optimum products in terms of effectiveness, price and quality control. 

Our R&D teams combine their expertise to develop every aspect of our products: Formulation Sunscreen specifications Testing and regulation Packaging Tailoring products for particular brands   The process of partner brand development is closely coordinated: 1. You send your sunscreen specification to Nidaria’s marketing and management teams. 2. The Nidaria R&D team develops product prototypes for your Brand in our laboratory. 3. Within weeks, Nidaria delivers prototype sunscreen options for your brand to your office for preliminary evaluation. 4. Our team works closely with you to perfect the sunscreen to your specifications. 5. Regulatory requirements and safety, health and environmental checks are seamlessly built into the development process for best results. 6. Our logistics and regulatory teams collaborate with you to develop the best packaging options, and to ensure compliance with worldwide regulatory requirements. 7. Sunscreen under your brand name and approved by your company is ready for production with a Quality Control plan, and production protocol in GMP new production facilities, and under Nidaria inspection. Nidaria encourages all its personnel to develop innovative solutions for working with suppliers and customers.

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