The R&D and scientific backgrounds of Nidaria’s research team have enabled the company to develop a world-leading range of products which protect the skin against sunburn and jellyfish stings. Nidaria’s research has been reported in leading life science and medical magazines and journals, including:

A Randomized, Controlled Field Trial for the Prevention of Jellyfish Stings with a Topical Sting Inhibitor
October 2006
J Travel Med 2006; 13: 166–171
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Sun care – Anti-sting
April 2006
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Efficacy of a Jellyfish Sting Inhibitor in Preventing Jellyfish Stings in Normal Volunteers
October 2004
Wilderness and Environmental Medicine, 15, 102 108 (2004)
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Delivery of Nematocyst Toxin
June 1995
Nature Vol 375:
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